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Psychological Counselling by Professionals at Iskcon Gurugram

Globally, 1 billion people have mental health issues as per data by W.H.O. In India, 200 million Indians immediately need help for mental wellness. There is depression, self sabotage, mood swings, whims (and whines), loneliness, anxiety, burnout, eating disorders, sleep disorders and what not.

However, due to stigma and hesitation, those who need help, are not able to seek help. To address these obstacles, Iskcon Gurugram facilitates online counselling, and that too anonymously, if the beneficiary demands.

Come, join hands with us to help everyone who needs counselling for mental health. Inform about the availability of Professional Psychologists to your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and classmates.

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Psychological Counselling Process

An initial consultation call is done by an expert to understand the issue faced by the beneficiary. The consultation call may be done directly with the beneficiary or with a concerned friend/family member.

The beneficiary is connected to a professional psychologist based on the technique of buddy-pairing. The beneficiary is given the choice of an anonymous session, audio call session, video call session, in-person session; depending on the problem.

Online sessions may be booked by covering the expenses of the psychologist. Those who are underprivileged may be provided counseling for free depending on the available resources.

Why is it important to speak out?

Due to social pressure, we often follow what’s scientifically called “toxic positivity”. We dress nicely, go out and smile, trying to hide what’s burning us from inside. But while faking to the world, we also fake to ourselves, and keep ignoring the underlying toxicity. It’s like closing our eyes to reality and getting stuck inside a suffocating bag.
What follows is unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep, frustration, loss of self-confidence, and many other forms of mental illness.
If you feel your life is going beyond your control, or that the behavior of someone you love is not progressive, it’s time to connect them with Iskcon Gurugram.

Bhagawat Gita - The guiding force for numerous Psychologists

Arjuna’s hands were trembling, his throat was choking up, and he was getting goosebumps. He was not able to carry out his prescribed duty, even though he was physically and intellectually capable. This is clinically called a mental disorder – where the mind plays so strongly with someone that it affects their day-to-day duties.

At this time, Krishna lovingly encourages him, and talks like a friend. Later, when Arjuna becomes mindful, he accepts Krishna as spiritual master and fights towards victory.

Buddy-pairing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy are some of the techniques which can be deduced from dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna. There are 100s of research paper published in this matter; few are listed below:

The Bhagavad Gita and contemporary psychotherapies: Subhash C Bhatia, Jayakrishna Madabushi, Venkata Kolli, Subhash C Bhatia

Psychotherapy - Insights from Bhagavad Gita: M. S. Reddy

COVID-19, Moral Injury and the Bhagvad Gita: Bindu Menon, Sunil K. Narayan, Sushruth Bhade

Emotional Intelligence as the Core of Intelligence: A Perspective Based on the Bhagavad Gita: Shweta Vishnu Lamba, Madhu Jagadeesh, Abhijit Deshpande

Bhagavad Gita and Psychotherapy: A Cure for Soul? Vineet Gairola, Prabhat Kumar Mishra

Structure of Psychological Sessions

All sessions are given by professional psychologists; medical intervention by a psychiatrist may be provided if required

Each session is typically of 30-minute. The frequency of sessions may be once in 15 days, once a week or twice a week… it all depends on the severity and urgency of the beneficiary’s problem

The therapy style is beneficiary centered. It can be a mix of CBT and SFT. For the therapy to work, it is important to be regular and communicate clearly.

Realistic expectations are set up before the sessions are started. To fix a mindset which is broken for many years, or to correct habits which are wrongly practiced over several years, takes some time. Positive outcomes may take 5 sessions or more depending on the situation.

The overall counselling process is supervised by multiple experts. Feedback from both the psychologist and the beneficiary is taken after each session.

The confidentiality of the beneficiary is not compromised in any case, the beneficiary is given a comfortable environment to open their heart.

Online sessions may be booked by covering the expenses of the psychologist. Those who are underprivileged may be provided counseling for free depending on the available resources.