ISKCON Gurugram



International Society for Krishna Consciousness, worldwide known as the Hare Krishna Movement, began in 1966 in a 2-room storefront in New York. Today it stands with 700+ centres, 560 million+ books distributed, 65+ Ecological Farms, 110 Vegetarian Restaurants

Our Philosophy

We are the parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord. Forgetting our real identity, we are struggling in this world. Our nature is to be happy (ananda mayo ‘bhyasat) but our situation is like the lost son of a billionaire father or a fish out of water. We can’t be happy unless we connect back with the Supreme Lord. Krishna, the Supreme Lord, who lives in Goloka Vrindavan (Spiritual world) descends from His abode to attract us by performing enchanting pastimes and giving us a chance to return to our original home