Discover Your Permanent Happiness

6 Session Certificate Course

Topics of DYPH course

Science of Happiness

Healthy Relationships : Key to a stress-free life

Work Life Balance

Why bad things happen to good people

Yoga for the modern Age

The art of Self Management

Prasadam/Full Meal after every session‚Äč


Most frequent questions and answers

The “Discover your permanent Happiness” course is a program designed to help individuals achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment by helping them understand the real meaning and purpose of life.

Anyone with age>20 is eligible to join this program, irrespective of their background or experience.

It’s a 6-week course with each session being conducted on Sunday

“Discover Your Permanent Happiness” course is the program which helps you become part of ISKCON Gurugram Temple. Once you join this course, you’ll be part of endless events that is conducted as part of the temple. It’s not just a 6 week journey. After this course, we have Spiritual retreats/ Camps e.g Forest Camp, Vrindavan Camp etc. And apart from that, We have other courses like Gita course, Bhakti Vriksha course which will start after the end of DYPH course.

In order to leverage more benefit, you are recommended to attend each session in person. Still, due to unavoidable reasons, if you miss any session, you’ll be provided course materials and audio recording of that session.

Yes, after each session, course materials pertaining to that session will be shared in the WhatsApp group. So, you can review them at any time.

Yes, Just after completing the course, we conduct a spiritual retreat/forest camp where we keep the Certification Ceremony of course participants with the Temple President.

Sessions would be in mixed languages i.e, Speaker will use both Hindi and English during the sessions.

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